The world of modern human with each passing year more and more saturated with computers. For problems with the goal of any computer owner to minimize the cost of rebuilding the health of their E-assistant>> or "working tool>>. Therefore, most people are ever faced with repairing computers. In this paper we analyze fault system units and monitors their appropriateness repair or replacement. Consider the most common manifestation of failure: The problem: When the system block light switches, fan noise, the screen does not appear. What to do: If possible, need to check the monitor by connecting it to another system unit. After checking it's clear faulty monitor or system unit. If fault monitor should be aware that at present the market offers Only lcd monitors.

Monitors with cathode ray tube (CRT) is used only in the computer age 3-5 years or less, in the professional systems. Therefore, if worn out crt monitor, it strongly recommended that you replace the lcd, which has many advantages. Type of monitor cost of repairs, rub.Stoimost new monitor rub. of repair KommentariiRub. % With a crt (CRT) 500-1200 New crt for sale virtually no cost liquid crystal 5500-15000> 4200-14500> 78-96 Repair advisable only in expensive or professional models of liquid-crystalline 500-1600 5500 -15,000> 3900-14500> 70 repair, except for cases with replacement matritsyTakim way, the savings from repair of the monitor compared with buying new can be from 70 to 96%. If the monitor was working, the problem in the system unit. Problem: The system unit does not turn on lights do not light up, the fans do not make noise on the screen, nothing appears.