However, in Avignon. Pragmatic erweise Ludwig blamed the real Pope of heresy, because: “the members of the Church are not to be expected: …” the public apostates and heretics. Also those public heretics, the good faith mistaken (material heretics), do not belong to the body of the Church”(L. Ott, floor plan of Dogmatics, Freiburg (10) 1981, 375). Louis heresy accusation was unfounded. Today, however, is undeniably proved that the V2 group is radically heretical (E.g. “Ecumenism”, “Novus Ordo”, public Apostasien etc.

pp.). In addition, it is today not only an individual, but the complete entities which committed to heretical texts of “Vatican 2”. After all, similar to such as Ludwig, so Germany accused the Catholics, non-Catholics. But on top of that, the BRD stubbornly ignored the irrefutable evidence that heresy is the essence of the V2 group. And Germany even openly (1 BvR 143/80 to LG Hanau, 2 S 231/79, Giselbert Grohe), that the V2 group Although notoriously haretisch is – but still “the Catholic Church” should be! In short: The BRD fundamentally perverted justice and cumulated heaviest wrong.

The FRG could possibly say that the V2 group is “Roman”, or the V2 Group E.g. a naming rights “supporters of Angelo Roncalli,…, Joseph Ratzinger” grant. By but Germany illegally and void speaks to the title of “Catholic Church” the V2 group, there is a lying and illegal Staatskirchentum that completely contradicts the some, Concordat eras and general civil procedure. A Staatskirchentum based on truth and justice is not condemned by the Church. But Germany makes up with her lying, illegal Staatskirchentum permanent heaviest violations even against its own standards guilty, for example, article 3 and article 4 GG, 344, and 339 StGB, 6 VStGB etc. Therefore constitutional complaint is hereby placed against this illegal Staatskirchentum: the diesbzgl. Decisions of the Bundestag as well as all provincial Council, but also of dishes etc must be immediately by the Constitutional Court as admitting to void. An immediate comprehensive correction of also the language regime including legal name is mandatory. The Beabeitungsfrist is one week (12.06.2010) – the many decades full of massive breaches of the law and violations of human rights are far more than enough. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen