Beyond the base data, the employee profile contains information about background, experience, training and language skills. In addition, electronic documents, such as for example the company car, can be stored and thus locally exposed using integrated document management. With the job administration, Peris 3010 offers the possibility to create current or planned locations, occupying projects or identify experts. Follow others, such as Maine Today Media Inc., and add to your knowledge base. The integrated applicant management by Peris 3010 standardized and accelerates processes and saves time and costs. It helps the electronic candidate file make approval by the setting, and the first day of work as a single, unified process to make and as routine work decreases the company. For the business valuation and high planning security, Peris 3010 offers an overview of the current values from wage and salary data, the targets, the expenses and the allowance.

Through the integrated document management, the long search belongs to for documents of the past. Peris 3010 offers the opportunity to forgive freely definable categories for documents and to provide documents such as title, keyword, category, reference number, file number, or person with Keywording. With the import of data from unstructured text files, Peris 3010 offers a highly efficient tool, to include more information in the digital personnel file. So, read and transformed into text documents using OCR paper documents can be acquired and transferred easily mouse click in the database by PERSIS 3010 with scanner. The powerful For lists, statistics and evaluations, evaluation tool helps the individual analysis of company data. With the modular software solutions of the AZS system is a sophisticated range of soft – and hardware components that are aligned exactly on the needs of public institutions, churches and administrations and efficiently bridge islands of information. In addition, AZS system AG access control including access control readers, biometric systems, digital cylinders and digital hardware, visitor management, Alarmanlagenscharf – and -disarming, building management and video connection provides more software and hardware solutions and add-on modules. These are merged with existing hardware to integrated overall solutions depending on the need and requirement case.

About AZS system AG, the AZS system AG with headquarters in Hamburg is one of the leading systems integrators for comprehensive and complex solutions in the areas of personnel management, personnel information, time attendance, access control and Safety technology. The perfect interplay of hardware and software customers from administration, public service, industry and Commerce received the complete system solution from a single source. Since its inception AZS itself in 1989 as an independent system and consulting for integrated solutions. More than 1000 installed systems at major companies have been successfully installed in more than 20 years. AZS has focused consistently on these solutions. Personnel management and information system business AZS support public institutions and management companies in the design of individual, freely customizable working time arrangements. The use of terminals and intelligent software increases productivity in the production data acquisition, which collect all important data of personal and operational events and process them. AZS is represented with 12 sales and service centres nationwide in all of Germany and of Switzerland – and certainly also in your vicinity.