The experience and know-how of Nemesis the enterprise group with national international and dedicated presence from three decades in the manufacture and sale of 100% natural cosmetic products and appliances – gives a step further in its policy of expansion relying on the formula of the franchise under the brand name Eberlin. The symbiosis franchisee-dealer so things Eberlin begins its peculiar adventure looking for franquiciad@s by all Spain, and even in other countries, who want to obtain some interesting and attractive commissions in the emerging market of professional aesthetics.Our formulade franchise seeks entrepreneurs with eminently commercial profile and who want to be at the forefront of a business whose investment is already very small nonecesitan hire personnel.To develop the activity will be necessary local have of exhibition and training are being enough with 2 devices (the most demanded, explains Marta Ferrer Berenguer, Manager of Eberlin. We want franchisees covering any area of the Spanish territory except the provinces of Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Asturias and Granada as well as the autonomous community of Galicia, where we already have the service covered. It will aim the distribution in a large area of all our cosmetics and appliances. The end customer will always be the professional beautician, adds the directive. So things the requirements to be part of this network of franchises is as follows: u have a local at least 80 square meters for area sales, warehouse, room courses and demonstrations (although this can be decentralized) and clearance. u have a commercial profile, ability of organization, orientation to the client and taste for the world of aesthetics, being very valuable experience in that sector previously. This occupation is ideal for current representatives of aesthetic products, stressed Marta Ferrer Berenguer. What it costs: entry Canon: 6,000 furniture: 14,000 Machinery: 24,000 stocks: 6,000 computer equipment: 1,500 other initial expenses: 3,000 TOTAL estimated: 57,500 what is required: contract duration: 5 year renewal: if Canon entry: 6,000 Royalty exploitation: not Royalty advertising: 3,000 a year area exclusivity: Provincial formation: If who is Eberlin brand franchised and x nemesis, the Group of companies dedicated to the manufacture and sale of cosmetic products and appliances for almost three decades and with presence at national and international level. Its origins focused in phytotherapeutic products and nutritional supplements for herbalists, and today offer a wide variety of different cosmetic products. Nemesis has 30 employees and has the ISO 9001, as well as directors for areas of activity such as pharmaceutical or technical-aesthetic. Within the companies of the group are: Biocosmetics: they are the laboratories responsible for the manufacture of cosmetic products. Nemesis laboratories: equipment manufactures and markets products. The franchisee will aim the distribution in a large area of all these cosmetics and appliances. The end customer will always be the professional beautician.