Inside the monastery away from the Crystal Castle an elderly man wakes up suddenly from his meditation, feel the pain that transmits the monkey Warrior and you anguish in his thoughts, wait and pray for their students before the feet of the Guardian is however only lies a fallen Warrior, RAM closed the doors of its fourth knows that the life of the monkey is goneRAM thinks that he has the power to subjugate to the whoever if it has the power, the proof of this is that RAM this foot and this dying as Mio monkey clings to life and nourishes any hope in it, rises again just know listening to the noise of the door of wood which is closed by his Guardian. -Why you pick up monkey? You know well that the strong will always expire the weak is rule that has the same life, not mine, not put me as the evil one, the villagers were killed by weak as die your, I’m more stronger than your lament in truth your destination. -How could you beat me so hard being that it was a simple movement?. -My young warrior called Chi or Ki internal strength, we concentrate all the force of your being in one fell swoop, you don’t just hit with my strength but my essence. Your fight is purely physical, but we the guardians fought at both physical, mental and spiritual level.

-You want to tell me that me bad with your spirit not with your physical strength, it is not possible only the elderly can develop such power over the material. -Monkey well let you that you can try it by yourself, there has not been any human being that has withstood the force of the RAM on 3 occasions. The internal energy of the Guardian is concentrated from the bottom of his being and This is how wildly hits the monkey crashing into one of the walls of the room, as a RAM that runs between the mountains of Tibet and knew in which strength there is your life – there is a Mono region, which is located in the body of the human being which is called Tanden or Dantian is there where there is internal energy to our tipsthey flow through energy channels the Hindus and Tibetans called chakras.