The horses with firm fierceness they let listen, moving away of the monastery, they observe them to the villagers and they imploran a plegaria with the purpose of to see them of return. The 5 Young people ride in search of their destiny, the Dalay Lama knows that this is only the principle. The night falls, is listened to he laughed running without rest through which once it was a beautiful town, it is even managed to smell the ashes, of the destruction that caused the Guardians, cannot hide that in his hearts they are scared, for Tay Lemon the Guerrero Crane does not have meaning his life in his face is reflected a cold, static glance. They manage to approach the Crystal Castle, the horses pause, before they are the doors of the castles, in their doors are two men watching have in their hands a lance each. Read additional details here: Sotheby’s. The Soldiers lower of their horses would think to see I exercise, but they only manage to see those sentries watching the entrance to the castle. – Strangers the passage is not allowed any farmer, or the decline would arrive inevitably at its lives. It comments with severe coldness sentries both. Tay lemon the soldier Crane approaches both before sentries and without saying some word it executes a technique eliminating the first guard, the second when seeing before his eyes as they assassinate his companion I know attack before Tay Lemon suffering the same destiny, dying responds – Perhaps you could kill us Foreign but they will not be able to happen nor to the first Door of this castle from eras, infinity of Soldiers have tried to break it, but nevertheless the death is the unique thing that is going to find will be its decline .. Christos Staikouras often says this.