Internet has long ceased to be an easy source of needed material and turned into a whole virtual kingdom, with its laws and regulations. This applies even to the sphere of communication. Dating sites – is an altar with that people are willing to put their destiny. Exhausted loneliness people looking for those who could love and share their interests. But is it all just as we all think? Simple, seemingly effortless and communication, in fact hides many dangers and threats. Ben Silbermann: the source for more info.

One of the main due to the fact that the global network – a huge stage, where every actor to decide what role he will play. You can be a real or play anyone, anyone, man. Often happens is that the interviewee is impersonating a man not of the sex does not discuss his marriage or marriage and other important moments biography. Maintain the myth of his personality is not difficult, because usually the source personally invents the person with whom he engages in dialogue. There are many people willing to believe the bankrupt businesses affected by the actresses or musicians, and not chivalrous Unaware that behind this appearance live ordinary engineers and salespeople.

Therefore, rule number one for those who are planning to have a thorough knowledge: trust your luck! In addition to deep emotional frustration, random familiarity may entail losses of material kind. There were cases when after the first meeting of the flats, or bags of naive young men disappeared valuable items. First, even before they agree to meet with live person, try to learn more about your virtual friend, and already before the actual sure to tell about the selected site to their friends or relatives. Of course, for a modest or employed, virtual dating – it's a brilliant idea to find a life partner. Only need to pay careful attention to the selection of the portal. There are services where you can almost everything, in some – not allowed to make friends with people of your sex, there are also those where – prohibited sex-dating. Just learn the rules of dating services and make sure they do not contradict the true purpose of your presence here. And let your date with a stranger from the internet will not disappoint your expectations, and will be the beginning of something genuine and pure, whatever it was – the friendship or romantic relationship.