They were of course also the head of masons, Artemio Bustos Olivares, Deputy Chief of the Mariano Gravilla gang Bermejo and hoists. Ensured the slab with reinforced sawhorses fell everyone, including Almudena, to that vacuum enclosure. And all began to hit the walls with the knuckles in search of a false wall. -Here, here I think! exclaimed the Abbot suddenly. Everyone approached.

-Let the technicians suggested Almudena. Artemio and Mariano were ahead of solemn and beat gently leaning the ear here. -Pickaxe from 18, Mariano asked Artemio, after pointing the finger a point on the wall do not, wait. He maza and parting of the 20 best rectified. A professional blows which, although slight, loudly in the silence of the whole crypt, made that the septum tarranola is opened in an instant.

A chilly air renewed the stale of the pit and did thrill the invaders there present. -Flashlights! Honourable, he claimed with a point of tremolo in the voice that we did not know very well if it came from the cold or the Funk that had begun to invade you. And is that, when it comes to the truth, with these things are not playing. The hole was enlarged enough to allow passage into the interior of what appeared to be a rocky tunnel. Some short and tiny iridescence returned the light of lanterns. -Seems to be deep – deep and long – deep, long and dark – deep, long, dark and freezing – now not we can continue proposed Almudena who was feeling the breath of the Mariano too close. -It is true. We see well or know where it goes. -I would say said the notary who was known very well the area that we are going towards Alpedrete – more reason to remove us wisely. Alpedrete Melchor Garzagrande not been lost us nothing dixit. They fell in the same order as they had advanced and hence Almudena took the opportunity to give a Campion to the Mariano and then he said that forgiveness.