Believed that understanding is not enough, experienced, looking for someone to intercept. No, he can not imagine what he tried not to deny, that’s just thoughts, not related in any way with the money, it almost did not attend. Having been to advance to ‘pay’ it, like a small puppy, wagging tail waiting for the boss will give him a bone because he meekly following orders during the previous two weeks. He gleefully crossed out his days in the calendar, bringing yourself to a happy minute, which comes just 2 once a month. All the talk about came down to the fact that nonhumans who live up there, do not understand of what we face down here, that for them there is good, because we badly and how unfair the world is.

At this cost would stop an ordinary story about an ordinary person, is quite often … What if it should happen otherwise? If at some point in our hero would awaken the desire to act? What if this inner fire forced him to move and look for opportunities? What if he believed in his hand and began to climb to the top? A similar story came to us via e-mail, letter-writer is certainly not so clearly stated its history, but the idea the idea that we are not in order to exist, but in order to live, permeated his writing. So, our hero began to act. After trying seemingly every opportunity he began to despair, but do not act stopped. Who seeks finds, and threw the fate of our hero a new opportunity. The fact that it was able to realize its potential, to fill life with meaning and pull it from the daily routine. What seemed to him nonsense, it was make money. That area of knowledge, about which he did until recently knew nothing, was his hobby-horse. Executing orders, developing their designs, he began to slowly climb up, stepping, step by step, he stood knees to his feet, he felt free and confident in its future. He stopped, he started earning! You probably think this is all a fairy tale, it’s not about us and not for us. Take a look around, think about it: this Do you like and what will happen to you in five years or ten? Which category of society you consider yourself? Do you need money? It’s time to change your life – it’s time to act!