A great difference between the articles that we took by day and those exists that we used at night, and when I speak of the night, I talk about that series of commitments of all type that arrive when the sun hides: A cocktail, the wedding of your better friend, a dinner in full dress or one night of celebration with your fianc2e or friendly. So that you dazzle to all in your commitments nocturnes, it takes note from the new tendencies that we propose to you. A formal dinner or the inauguration of an art sample, requests elegance but nonexcesses. The masculine style that is present this season would seat to you of wonders. A suit black tailor with trousers pitillo for darte a modern touch sexy and, is a very right option. According to your preferences you can combine it with top or a white shirt.

To the purest style than the actress Diane Keaton or the mythical Marlene Dietrich imposed. The dresses of Greek inspiration estan to the last one, are the favourites of the celebrities and the main designers of the moment. In addition they have an extra, are super comfortable because not they fit excessively to the figure. The short dresses are appropriate, for a cocktail for example, combnalo with platforms and llvalo over the knee. Minis is better to leave them for a dinner that is not formal.

If you have a followed wedding of the great dinner and later celebration, hazte with a Greek dress, largusimo, with a shoulder shortage and praises/pours off by complements as sandals of the highest heel and a small handbag. The color nude or maquillaje continues being one of the favorites for the main modistos of the planet. For a dinner in full dress it would come from wonders to wear a dress to you in this elegant tonality, to create resistance tries to take complements in strong colors. You go away of celebration and you do not want to shine too formal, then it chooses the setentero style, jeans elephant leg and a t-shirt of braces by far brightness. If you want to be glamourosa and sexy, wears to a caftan and sandals of platforms to emphasize your legs. Mixture styles because what is completely out, it is to go dressed as if you had left the festival of Woodstock. Must of sophistication and the elegance we found in the tones silver. en is likely to agree. For an occasion requires that it you can wear to a dress or skirt and jacket. Those that does not dare to take it look altogether they can use this color to dress its feet in glamourosas sandals.