To eat fiber: Full your stomach and goes direct to the digestive tract. The fiber helps to that your food flows by your digestive system and reduces the constipation. When you are estreido your belly will seem greater than in fact it is. It consumes cereals, fruits and vegetables, integral bread and integral rice. To know more about this subject visit Kamelot Auctions. 2. Exercise with weights: You do a good session of weights, since when creating muscle you will accelerate your metabolism and by consequent you will burn fat. After the session of weights, if you want you can make exercises cardiovascular, but you do never them at the beginning. It remembers that to thin belly it is impossible without exercise.

3. It reduces the amount of sodium in your diet. Too much sodium causes that your body retains fluid and that is bulky and your greater stomach. 4. It leaves the alcohol. Perhaps your case is that you have brewing belly. It tries to leave to the alcohol or limitarte to a spirit per week if you really want to lose weight in the average section of your body.

Now, yes what it will really help you in your conquest. As you can see, great formulas do not exist, simply ejercitarte and to change your nutritional habits, in fact everything is a change in your style of life. Here you will find what it can help you in the fight to burn fat, 100% guaranteed to thin belly and all the others. BEAM CLICK and unloads the guide HERE who will take to give a complete turn to you to your life. The exact formula to thin belly, to burn fat and to strengthen your body without as much time and damaging your dangerous body with tablets and products.