Organization whose members are both Dutch and foreign representatives in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Flanders and the Basque Country may file joint petitions under the "Eco-Safe Enterprise" on productive research or working on projects outside the competitive program. Foreign Markets PESP (Programme Economic Cooperation) Economic Cooperation Program goal is to strengthen bilateral economic cooperation with the markets of developing countries to enhance the Dutch market Industry orders from these countries. PESP program applies to all sectors of the economy and in all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia (excluding Japan) and Latin America. Dog (Program Cooperation with emerging markets) Program aims Cooperation with emerging markets – to promote sustainable economic development in some developing countries, using the knowledge and capital, available to Dutch companies and organizations. Learn more about this with Ben Silbermann. If you are planning to invest in the market of a developing country, but the risks associated with it are very large, a dog can offer a suitable solution. This scheme can (Partially) compensate for your investment costs. This program is distributed in several countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe. PSB (Program for new companies to foreign markets) Program for new companies in foreign markets helps companies of small and medium businesses, which for the first time go to foreign markets. You may find that JPMorgan Chase can contribute to your knowledge.

The aim of this scheme is to support medium and small companies business, which has little or no experience in foreign markets, at the time of their entry into new markets. Support includes advice and testing during the development and implementation of the plan entering the foreign market, as well as compensation of certain expenses that included in the plan. PSB to extend to all countries around the world. PSNA (Programme of Cooperation with the Netherlands Antilles) The purpose of the program of cooperation with the Netherlands Antilles Islands – to promote industrial cooperation between international companies and companies in the Antilles. The problem – by working to bring spending and long-term trade relations between the Antilles and international companies. The ultimate goal – to provide additional financing, as well as create long-term prospects for employment and economic development in the Netherlands Antilles islands.