Is not good to submit to a negotiation where time plays against us, because the only thing you need to know the other party is just that, and from there to measure that delayed the negotiation have less ability to resist, our urgent conditions us and as time passes more what you must give up. Presented to a bargaining knowing exactly when we will have to give up and when not, it would be the ideal, but not always to maintain this position because this also depends on what you intend to respect the other party. Need to know that there are two things to which it is advisable to always be prepared 1) be prepared to leave, sometimes leaving the negotiating table is to get better terms for next time. (2) Be prepared to say NO. Finally, develop fully the subject of negotiation would require many articles where perfectly to deploy all components such as, type of negotiation, criteria, styles, advantages and disadvantages, times, methods of approach, dialogues, profits and losses, limitations, availability, etc.

To everything you learn in life and to also negotiate, the only drawback is that, generally, to know how to handle with ease and obtain satisfactory results, you must have gone through some negotiations without prior experience, so it will be probably touched you lose. Finally: the art of negotiation is very complex and know play it with skill, coolness and resolution is just that, an art. Although there are some who know very well what they do and are very safe when negotiating. Never forget that the most powerful tool in a negotiation is information, and essential, not always because it is negotiable should be negotiated a lot of luck! Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the article