But hazlo thinking that in truth it is thus, if your you do not create it possible simply will not become, I do not commit the same error that I, who did not think that she could reconquer husband. When truly I thought that my marriage was recovered, the things began to change. First you must think before the things happen, this it is a very deep principle that I learned a long time ago and successfully applies that it in my marriage. It takes the initiative to solve the problems of your marriage, although everybody says to you that it is not worth the pain. If perseveras in the end you will leave victorious, that I guarantee it to you. 2. – Autoevaluate: After which already you feel of that your marriage this recovered, self-evaluation is something that you must do. It dates a solo time in a park, to meditate in which there is past, in the errors that both have committed and in that time of meditation it develops a strategy to improve your behavior, and mainly to avoid to make things that hurt to your husband.

In another article of title Like Saving my Marriage, 5 Effective Ways, it had mentioned to you that the worse thing than you can say to him to your husband, and who is equivalent to that him keys 10 knives in their heart are to compare it with another man who is but successful that. That would hurt much its heart, you do not do it and if you have done already it deals with not doing it but, by the good your marriage. 3. – It admires your Husband: After which already you made a self-analysis, it is hour to undertake the actions necessary To reconquer your husband, and first that you must do is to begin to admire it reason why it is, reason why it does.