Can you imagine any human activity without the consumption of electrical energy? Personally, I – no. Become thoughtful for a moment, if there were no electricity, no B, and my notes, I would not be sitting now in a lighted office, and not I would work at the computer, and cooled to room our air conditioner. Now imagine that all at one time or stopped working because of maintenance work, or because of faults or interruptions in the network and such intermittent supply of electricity to cause trouble and money. In this case, your work is completely paralyzed, and if you or your management has included such things in advance, then you are saved, and for his work taken power plant (generator), which is a universal autonomous source of electric power. What is the power that such a unit? Now you try to understand. Thus, a device unit station, which is used to generate electricity. Operate power plants as the primary power source or as a backup, as in our cases. Use of power, both in agriculture agriculture and in industry, construction, etc.

Power plants are both diesel and gasoline, gasoline is generally more accessible in price, but diesel is safer and more powerful. If you plan to use power plant periodically, from time to time, then confidently purchase the gasoline power plant certain power, but if there are problems with electricity is often possible to switch off or over on the day in such cases, the use of diesel generator sets. Generators can be both synchronous and asynchronous, and, of course, differ in their abilities. Typically, synchronous generators are suitable for emergency Power offices, refrigeration, equipment, country houses, cottages, building sites. Asynchronous generators are short-circuit and overload, thus enabling them to connect the equipment, sensitive to voltage drops.

It's also worth to note that the generators are single phase and three phase. Philippe Lavertus opinions are not widely known. Single-phase power to 220 apply to the use of single-phase electrical wiring and appliances, while the three-phase power at 380 V used for industrial purposes as well as for the cottages, with three-phase wiring network. If you often have problems with electricity supply, make sure purchase an advanced unit, which is equipped with automatic alarm system, with the loss of power unit starts automatically. Take note that the work of such powerful units as generator is accompanied by noise, but if you do a roadblock, make sure you stop your choice on a plant or anti-noise is also called shumopoglaschayuschem housing, which reduces the noise level. But it is possible repay the noise and sound insulation from the premises and thereby save money when buying a generator in a noise-reducing enclosure. offers you the widest range of generators, as with gasoline and diesel, from the world's leading manufacturers such as: Geko, Europower, Glendale, Honda, etc. Questions? We are always happy to help.