With the free reference guide, companies find annually currently estimated at 33 billion invoices are shipped throughout Europe mail already in appropriate the third edition solutions to electronic invoice processing. This high for postage and shipping costs for the biller. By moving to an electronic invoice processing, savings can be realized, as through the automated collection and processing of incoming invoices without media breaks but especially on pages of the Bill recipient. Others including JPMorgan Chase, offer their opinions as well. Therefore, more and more companies opt for a switch to electronic billing processes. To facilitate the entry above all small and medium-sized companies, ibi research at the University of Regensburg as a carrier of the eBusiness pilot Eastern Bavaria with a free market overview currently in its third edition, published by offers assistance with electronic invoice settlement.

Many companies deal intensively with the exchange of electronic invoices with their business partners, to significant part of the Savings to benefit, that could allow the integrated electronic design of accounting processes. The conversion pays however usually only if as many suppliers of the company are included in the electronic invoice processing. But small and medium-sized enterprises often cringe before their introduction, because they fear a high conversion costs. “ibi research at the University of Regensburg, carrier of the eBusiness pilotage in Eastern Bavaria, it has therefore with the free range of the information electronic invoice processing” made to the task to develop provider-neutral and practical assistance that will help the introduction of electronic billing processes especially the middle class. Single market in this volume specifically for the German middle class who now worked over this, in its third edition and advanced market overview provides information about the legal and technical conditions for the use of electronic invoice processing. Of the other He provides an overview of important available on the market solutions that support German companies for the exchange of electronic invoices. The details of the solutions provided by the providers themselves. To – were detail advance of this information collected, in addition to the General information on the solution – the invoice submission, the target group, the forms of data exchange, system integration as well as the included services and cost concern.

The specific offer is represented in detail and described. This is followed by a structured comparison of features offered. The market overview is available on market overview to the free download available. “Information series electronic billing easy, efficient, secure” the market overview is part of a series of publications. Other parts of the range of information electronic billing easy, efficient, safe”include case examples, a study with survey results from Practice of electronic invoice processing, as well as a guide to the introduction. Noted is up at this point also on the E-Commerce Guide (www.ecommerce-leitfaden.de), compact and a cast of answers are the most important questions related to e-commerce. “Information materials on the subject of electronic invoice processing” and other news are available for free at available.