Business provides the power all these electronic platforms for free, he will not have to spend money even for their maintenance and development. Electronic platform – self-sustaining, like any market. Sure, trades, conducted in traditional paper-form have several disadvantages, especially such as: – relatively high cost of organizing the seller – a limited number of participants (due to the necessity certain actions as to obtain information about the auction and to apply for participation in the auction) – the possibility of abuse associated with inappropriate application, that it does not for trading or Auction winner determination – the difficulty of obtaining analytical and statistical data and, accordingly, their use in marketing research. The introduction of electronic trading system serves the interests of all market participants: buyers – reducing the costs of participation, a competitive price, and for sellers – broadening the base, the ability to forecast demand and supply for all market participants – improving the bidding process, the formation of healthy competition, reducing the likelihood of abuse and to increase transparency of the bidding process. Of particular importance on expanding the circle of bidders and enhance the transparency of trade gain for selling the debtor's property, which is realized as in the foreclosure of the debtor's property in execution proceedings and the implementation debtor's assets the liquidator during bankruptcy proceedings.

In organizing the sale of property in electronic form, the seller is obliged to ensure equal access of all persons to participate in the auctions, including information about bidding and to ensure the right of individuals to participate in bidding without charging them with the board. For bidding in electronic form, the seller is obliged to use the system to ensure the holding of such trading, the relevant requirements established by legislation of the Russian Federation. The use of such systems for bidding must provide: – free access to information about bidding, to information on Rules of using the system – the right to participate in the auction at no charge – an electronic form of participation in the auction, including the submission of the application and attached documents in electronic form, as well as submission of digital electronic copies of documents – storage and processing in electronic applications and other documents submitted by applicants, using certified in accordance with legislation Of the Russian Federation for cryptographic protection of information – the creation, processing, storage and submission in electronic form, information and documents related to bidding in electronic form, including including protocols commission on the results of tendering; smooth functioning of and access to users, including applicants for the duration of the bidding. System requirements providing bidding in electronic form shall be established by the Government of the Russian Federation.