The modern school appears and if it fortifies with distinct intentions ideologically to form the maneuver mass that will be used in the industry and the commerce and to guarantee the ideological domination the dominant elite produces the signs and the codes that are propagated by the medias of mass, therefore the consumista, bourgeois and individualistic culture is propagated in the ways and reproduced in the school and the social relations of convivncia human being. The culture is reproduced by the infused necessity of training without scales, of specialization each time more specific of each point is of the production or the compartimentalizado knowledge, and when losing the totality understanding the man easily will be dominated, been deceptive, mentally ill of the means of production and the proper social survival. In such a way, to construct a popular education that makes the confrontation of the elitist, exculpatory, estratificada and limited culture it is necessary to construct the proper identity of each local community or society, thus the construction of the identity creates the cultural empoderamento of the local communities, without identidadeprpria nothing is possible. Culturally speaking, all the life is pedagogizada, that is the pedagogizao of the life if of the one for the organization of the social spaces of convivncia human being, either in the fairs, the families, the spaces of work in the daily life, according to some authors until and sexual life and the sexuality is pedagogizada with the sprouting of modernity. In the society total pedagogizada who it has more training, studies more is valued. The citizen in constantly pedagogical training in the society is also reproductive of culture, becomes subject of production or culture reproduction, let us see following history to exemplificar: In a social practical society any before the advent of and the pedagogical ones in the carnival as example the artists are always in contact with the local people, all participate democratically of the form that more to agree to it and of harmonic form, total natural fact because some become artists others normally leaves the artistic life, until the sprouting in the modernity of the pedagogizao of the public spaces and of the society, thus a symmetrical distance is created that appear with the training without end, with the rotinizao, the hierarquizao taking care of the determined standards partners and politicians, therefore the artists if an icon, one distanciam of the people becoming astro, to be admired and to be followed by all.