Ensure energy conservation in our country is not always a primary consideration in the first place was usually continuous and first-rate heating, water supply and so on. The term "energy efficiency", in conjunction with the term "energy efficiency", in our country has been actively used by theoreticians and practitioners since the early 90s. It was then approved several laws, Government decrees, forcing executive authorities, economic entities the right attitude to energy stocks. Rise in price of energy and fuel prices makes it appropriate and cost-effective energy saving measures and technologies. In these conditions seriously, the role and importance of work on testing the energy (energy), industrial and other enterprises.

Ministry of Energy offers energy performance audits as one of the main elements of the organization of the Federal Program for Energy Conservation. A set of abstracts, defining the general provisions, methods, types, organization conducting energy audits, requirements for surveyed consumers FER announcement of results, as well as the rights and responsibilities in carrying out these activities are defined "rules of conducting energy audits of organizations", approved by the Ministry of Fuel and energy in the spring of 1998. As stated in the "Regulation", power tests carried out to determine the effectiveness of organizations of energy resources (FER), to identify opportunities of growth and determining the costs of implementing energy efficiency projects. Function can be identified: mandatory energy audit. Energy companies test, the annual consumption of fuel and energy which have less than 6000 tcf or 1 000 tce motor fuel.

Voluntary energy audits. PromService now has all the necessary work to ensure that energy auditing mechanisms, regulatory statutes, orders, normative and technical documents, standards, guidance documents, software for thermal and hydraulic calculations. In the implementation of energy involved verification of highly experts, the level of training which enables full inspection at all times. Company PromService accredited to carry out works on the energy audit since 2000. At present company included in the list PromService companies that are permitted to carry out energy audits in the Russian Federation (registration certificate number AA-0123) and appointed an expert systems company RIER. Despite many years of experience in energy audit activities for increase the quality of work performed and the possibility of solving problems in a complex in the complex, we are working to incorporate new information techniques. Ways of working with us are quite diverse. In this time but proposals for energy audits, as well as the creation and implementation of programs on energy conservation, we can offer you to buy yourself all the required software product development costs, to train and participate as appropriate in the collection of source materials, implementation of settlement and other problems, using the experience gained. An integrated approach to energy auditing tasks and energy this experience has allowed the last three years to carry out energy audits mainly on a voluntary contractual arrangements. Work on such contracts are of high quality and always has a positive outcome.