It is absolutely proven fact because in 2007 a few of our students receive a 50% discount on training program in English. This means that the student pays for one semester and the second study free of charge. It is also possible to obtain a scholarship of $ 3,000 a year from the fund Lazarskogo Richard, the founder of this institution. In the LSC is still What nationality student, the main thing – it is the student's knowledge, and its ranking in the list of achievement of the institute. I want to mention the fact that Ukrainian students are on top of ratings performance in the LCS. – What kind of benefits package student receives? – First of all – it's discounts on transportation and insurance. Monthly travel on all modes of transport in Warsaw will cost 60 hryvnia.

That by Ukrainian standards is relatively cheap. Insurance will cost the student $ 120. Provides a wide range of recognized in Warsaw insurance agencies. – Students coming not only learn, but to live in Poland. Could you tell us about student leisure below the educational process? In his spare time student LSC gyms. There is also an Information Bureau, where you can learn about all the possibilities of leisure activities for students.

But in addition to entertainment, which provides institution, there is such a big city like Warsaw, which is itself replete with lots of clubs, bars and restaurants. An interesting point in the fact that Poland can meet famous people in the most ordinary places, even if a politician or star in show business. They can be seen in cafes or conventional supermarket on sale. In addition, LSC 3 times a year arranges a meeting with senior people. It is ministers, foreign representatives and heads of successful companies. Lazarski School of Commerce and Law, initially focused on upbringing of a successful person.