Exchange is a two-way flow. illegal exchange is one-way flow, in the case where the seller takes the money and does not provide any services or goods. Unequal exchange – this is the case when a customer pays for the service or product, and the seller offers a product in an incomplete or of poor quality. Equal Exchange – the most understandable. The client paid – seller has provided. The latter type of exchange – the exchange in excess – can make the customer your friends. The essence of this exchange is to provide customers more than he expected. Especially good when it is done suddenly.

For example, a girl in the store to buy makeup, and give it to probe known spirits. It’s just a tester, but it is a gift and also receive unexpectedly, so it creates a positive. This is a sample sale with emotion – the customer will be very pleased to get something from the top. Thus, the sale is not a commodity, and emotion. People in different companies can talk about the same properties of the product, but it never forget where and what emotions he had received. He immediately remembered where care of him. A statement by the client that is included in the price, you can always reply: “This seller has laid it provided, while others have laid down, but not allowed! “Most people are happy to accept gifts, it is very nice.

Exchange with excess need not be considered free distribution of goods to the left and right. Our customers in the market not yet accustomed to sharing with excess and Sometimes people think that this is a trick. Trick here. This is a caring and pleasant emotions, which are presented to clients to establish friendly relations with them. There will always be those who will say: “Nonsense, all these exchanges, and your concern.” Here you can give a vivid example. Director of the shoe factory manager sends to Africa promonitorit market. Manager director calls on the same day and said that the shoes in Africa, no one needed, because too hot and they all go barefoot. Then the director sends another manager, and he calls back and says: “Urgent submit 3 containers, everything is bare and no competition!” There will always be skeptics and there will always be those who listen to the experience of other people. If you are doing “everything”, then get the same thing has everything. Have a look at what options are “sharing in excess of” you can start implementing straight from tomorrow. This will be the key to long-term cooperation with your customers! Success and prosperity!