ERP and reduction of costs and expenses part II A order to enlarge the subject of ERP and reduction of costs and expenses in this article analyze two main questions that arise continuously in relation to: 1. the excess of information in the ERP can divert attention to make decisions? 2 Because the senior management of the company must be who lead and design the implementation of an ERP system? If it is a management tool for all areas of the company. 1. Can the excess of information in the ERP divert attention to make decisions? ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the Internet have served to create larger databases of companies, yet to make a decision, executives face two serious problems; excess work and information, many times this information is simply data, which require much time to filter them and analyze them, until they really provide a simple form and practice the essential information to make a decision. The situation is more complicated when the company faces a difficult economic situation and need to reduce their costs and expenses, then comes the question: where does it start? The ERP have a very complicated structure and apparently everything works with established standards.

So it looks very difficult to optimize processes. The problem is simplified if the company is at the stage of design or implementation of an ERP, the rule is simple: design and keep the simple ERP. This obvious rule reinforces the theory of support to carry out the implementation of both projects at the same time. When the company already has an ERP and to launch a project on reduction of costs and expenses, it is also desirable to take into account what to do adjustments to the ERP, since surely changes can be made and processes. Taking into account that it is not reduce costs or expenses which demeriten customer care or the quality of products among many factors that may be affected.