What you need to know about each of these components? Borax or tetraborate / sodium piroborat – it's an alkaline substance srednetoksichnoe. It can be used for whitening, replacing chlorine. It is also a great tool control cockroaches, fleas and mold. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate – a soft alkaline agent. It is used for washing and scraping the dirt, accumulated on kitchen surfaces, bathroom. Soda can drown out the smell of sweat and chemicals, you just need to add a small amount of baking soda into the water when washing.

It is also used as deodorant carpet and an excellent tool to refresh the air in the room. Soda economic or sodium carbonate – is a strong alkali. In comparison with the industrially produced means it emits harmless pair much safer. But it is corrosive and therefore you should not forget that it must work with only rubber gloves. Washing soda removes fine variety of grease, wax, stain lipstick. So the same as a regular soda, it is able to neutralize odors. But it can not be used on aluminum, fiberglass or waxed floors.

An exception may be only a drop of wax zactyvshego on these surfaces. Lemon juice and white vinegar – this acid can neutralize alkaline substances different, for example, dissolve and remove limescale from hard water in your washing machine or get rid of mold in the bathroom. They can remove dirt and bring back the shine wooden surfaces. Essential oils – a great tool to disinfect the premises. The most commonly used oils on the basis of lavender, citronella, juniper, sage eucalyptus cloves, cinnamon, tea tree, marjoram. Here are tips available for making low-cost funds to help the hostess: Recipe number 1. Cleaner for the bathroom. Take half a cup of regular baking soda. All the while stirring, gradually add the liquid detergent or liquid soap remedy until creamy. You can add 5-10 drops of any antibacterial oils – for example, lavender oil, tea tree or rosemary. This slurry Apply to a sponge and thoroughly clean the surface. Wash off with plenty of need running water. Try using cooked means at a time. And if you plan to use it later, you have to add 1 tsp glycerol to protect against drying. Keep tool should be in a tight-fitting tank. Recipe number 2. A tool for cleaning windows. Prepare half a spoon of liquid detergent or liquid soap funds, 2 standards and 2-3 tablespoons water vinegar. This should be mixed in spray bottle and use to clean windows. Soap removes wax residues, part of the previously used industrial facilities. If it does not add the glass will be slightly cloudy. Recipe number 3. Excellent tool for cleaning ovens. You will need a cup of baking soda and 2 teaspoons liquid soap. In the evening soak the bottom surface of the oven with water, then sprinkle a thick layer of ash. Sbryznete top again with water to soda transformed into a thick paste. In the morning you take off the fat without any difficulty. Well, then you can domyt conventional liquid soap residues. This procedure can be repeated if necessary.