American Volvo trucks have the same technological basis that European trucks Volvo FH. But the trucks out of America have been some upgrades. In this group Volvo trucks improved by about one thousand parts. Tractors significantly improved carrying capacity, while he now weighs less than his European brother. In type tractor Volvo Group belongs to the saddle trucks. Cab truck equipped with a convenient wide elongated footrests. Structurally cabin combined with a large berth.

The bed is more than a meter in size, and a sleeping compartment is equipped with household appliances, portable TV and drawers for storage. Wheel formula of this model tractors Volvo 6×4 and 4×2. For even more opinions, read materials from christie’s art auction. Also, the truck has a comfortable seat, with the possibility of multiple levels of regulation. Steering wheel is very compact and ergonomic. As for appearance, the American version of the tractor have improved panoramic view. Due to the fact that his nose sloped at an angle of 18 degrees, and the windshield is tilted by 23 degrees. Thanks to such design features truck has excellent performance aerodynamics. Also been increased in size grille, redesigned bumpers.

Volvo tractor in the American version was equipped with side blokfarami very unusual shape. But like other appliances under the brand name for sale, this tractor has a good safety record and is considered one of the safest in the world market of cargo transportation. This tractor is equipped with an air bag, front panel and travmobezopasnoy underrun beam in the bumper. Company Truk Import supplies trucks, tractors and other equipment from the United States and Canada. Work in the market since 1997. Offers competitive prices and better terms of delivery, not only for goods but also to passenger cars that come from America. Including a directory of our products you will find excellent quality Volvo trucks!