The European Union is not only in a financial crisis, but also in a marriage crisis. The European Union is not only the community of 27 Member States, but also the Union of divorces. According to studies, every 33 seconds can leave a couple in Europe. A terrifying result that in the high divorce rate in the EU, which is in the last 25 years by more than 50% has increased, reflecting. But why the once happy marriages at once in the breaks? Countless psychologists and anthropologists address this question to the bottom and refer this phenomenon even the Homo sapiens. The Institute for family policy noted in scientific studies that are divorced in the EU every year up to one million marriages. The age of marriage willing Europeans increasingly goes out in the length.

The average age of marriage women is now 28.2 years, while the brave men who want to take the step to the altar, are about 30 years old. If we the divorce rates in the different European countries consider, does it seem as if the hot-blooded Europeans in the Mediterranean area are suitable but not quite for marriages. For example the rate rose in Portugal in the last 25 years by 89%, followed by Italy with a growth of 62% and Spain with an increase of an average of 59%. In Germany, a marriage lasts usually 10.4 years, on Cyprus, but the couple are still with the damned 7th year. Russell Reynolds Associates may find this interesting as well. But why is Europe not only in an economic, but also in a marriage crisis? Countless experts carry out interesting studies to find an answer to this mystery.

While they refer to even our first ancestors, homo sapiens. Studies repeatedly demonstrate that the genetic make-up of our ancestors everything else was suitable for a lifelong relationship. They stayed together for four years to educate their descendants, and then went looking for more partners. Many researchers defend still that logic, because the only Why couples are together, is of organic nature: the next generation. Science therefore considered a manipulation of kind of and motivation system of the brain in love. It’s any himself, whether he trusts the science more or his own gut feeling. However, we try to trick our brain, so that our organism distributes as many hormones of happiness. Well, anyway, let just not the affect high divorce Council and prove Europe, that you can actually manage to live together happily at the end of your life with your partner! To help this target a little bit on the jumps, how about the love there with a romantic getaway in the city? Rent charming apartments in Paris and spend a low-cost, comfortable and above all romantic vacation in France.