The evolution of human beings and should not be made to the technical control of the external world, physical and mental levels are not far-reaching that evolution (as in the past century as to the mechanistic-scientism), these developments, it now rests on Comprehensive and spiritual levels of being. Knowledge within us is the starting point of processing, is the awakening of the inner self, based on comprehensive learning, is that we call evolution of thought in the second degree. The meditative practices allow us to initiate a process of discernment of our true nature, to recognize and differentiate beyond the illusory forms, our true self, the "I" real and genuine, meditation allows us to go fighting, obstacles, fears and prejudices to awaken the true intelligence. An important factor is the development of our attention span, is the insight that leads us to recognize the unity of the individual and the universal. Spiritual intelligence.

Spiritual intelligence is the superior intelligence of humans, is the power with which to successfully face the problems of meaning and meaning in our lives. Is the capacity to overcome suffering, to address the conflict, the dilemmas and give a comprehensive response. Lighting is the will, that brings us to the transpersonal level, the spiritual plane. It alone allows us to be able to act ethically. It alone makes us honest, so is the center of all true education, an education that promotes spiritual understanding is a simulation, a work surface that will not achieve significant changes.