Alvarez could finish with its opponents, therefore she withheld the power. Exactly being warned for Comonfort, it nominated for the ministerial folders the liberal radicals, or pure, Melchior Ocampo for Exterior Businesses, Benito Juarez for the Guillermo, Treasury department Pietro, for the Treasure and Miguel Lerdo for the Ministry of Public Works and the Economy. Perhaps although its ideas to follow the Liberal line, none of them made use of the erudio to affirm for the letters its influence, this paper exactly were kept the Deferred payment, that years before already had elaborated ' ' Liberal&#039 plan; '. Through the workmanship of Deferred payment, Melchior Ocampo and Lerdo they had retraced for the root of the problem, concluding that this age the Church and its privileges next to the civil power, even so the army also must have some restricted rights. For this, laws had started to be written of 1855-1857 and these had gained the names of its administrators. In this period, Alvarez resigns as provisory president and acclaims to its Comonfort place. The laws that together appear in the period Alvarez-Comonfort with the constitution of 57 are the following ones: Law Juarez: Civil law, that finished with the ecclesiastical courts.

The State if shows as defender of the public peace and the legal equality. Law Lerdo: It compelled corporations, the religious institutions to vender great part of its ' ' casas' ' with the intention to create more proprietors, what it would result in more sources of work and one consequent beneficence of public Hacienda. In the first article of the Law Lerdo it established I confiscate it of all the urban property and agricultural, the determination of that all the property of the field and the pertaining cities the corporations, and was not destined directly for the fulfilment its functions, must become it property of who rented.