The group of financial support is come back, in its bigger part, toward technological innovations (machines and equipment, software etc.), also offered for all country through the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), for the Financier of Studies and Projects (Finep), for the Bank of Brazil and Federal Economic Caixa. Beyond the credit facilities that have as public target the companies located in the regions north and northeast of the country. 3.1BNDES Brazilian Development Bank? BNDES the support to the innovation is a strategical priority for the BNDES, which had, to its basic character in the increase of productivity competitiveness of the companies and in the creation of wealth for Brazil. The BNDES has for objective, to contribute for the increase of the innovative activities in the country and its accomplishment in systematic character. Frequently Wells Fargo Bank has said that publicly. Therefore, the BNDES searchs to finance investment projects associates to the formation of qualifications and innovative environments, aiming at to the reach of better competitive positioning on the part of the companies. In compliance with the Programs and Public Politics of the Federal Government, in the creation of the lines of support to the innovation, the BNDES extended to its application to all the sectors of the economy, including those that do not costumam to be seen as innovative. Searching to take care of better to the necessities of the companies whom they intend to innovate, the bred lines of support combine diverse financial instruments, as much of how much changeable fixed income. The companies are benefited in accordance with its transport, in the following categories below: Classification of Transport the Beneficiaries will be classified how much to the transport, in the following categories: Transport Annual Rude Operational prescription Foreseen (in R$1,00) Micron Up to 1.200.000 Small Above of 1.200.000 up to 10.500.000 Medium Above of 10.500.000 up to 60.000.000 Great Above of 60.000.000 the BNDES possesss programs of support to the innovation, as: Finame? Machines and Equipment: that it finances the acquisition of machines and new equipment, that are of national manufacture.