Assuming that there is room in your property, prepare the following monthly expenses for maintaining your fitness business: equipment depreciation, utilities, taxes, advertising, operating costs and, of course, the salary of staff. In general, staff fitness club – it is a separate and very topical issue centers for beginners. Most clients come out of curiosity, would it go on instructor. n otomu of his professionalism and ability to communicate with customers depends largely on attendance of the fitness center, and therefore your direct earnings, a respected businessman. The conclusion is – for good instructors save not worth it. However, this does not mean that it is worth to write the "stars" of the Moscow fitness centers for fabulous sum (this is probably not pay off) – just need to carefully select instructors.

Walk around the other fitness rooms, look what they have staff. We are in no way encourage employees to entice (well, what if this instructor, and he wanted to leave, did you?). In general, if the issue has been resolved with an instructor, it's time to start cooking discovery. If your fitness center is located in a residential area, not too lazy to direct mail (pay the neighbor kids because they are scattered your flyer in the mailboxes in the district). Make friends with surrounding nearby shops and hairdressers – they hang at the entrance to their promotional poster. Do not forget to sign your own attractive – and enough to start (if we are talking about minimal advertising company). But If you are applying for a position among the elite clubs of the city and the global expansion plan – this is worth thinking about a major advertising campaign – however, I believe the majority of visitors to this site queries (and possible) is much more mundane and therefore restrict Economy option.

Well, actually, that's all. Let us summarize. The minimum starting investment in a small fitness room in the order of 10 000 dollars. At cost classes of 50 rubles. (Do not forget that you are still a small club) and the attendance of 50 people per day your investment will pay off in a year and a half. If you decide to open at an elite fitness club with the appropriate investment in and high cost of subscription – that you reference – the average return on the fitness business – 30%.