Lecture scrapping and withdrawing or retiring and wait”a barge Captain explains how the situation for him virtually presents itself. The finances are the topic of the second Panel. “Under the heading piggy bank or ducats ass recipes against the barbed wire in the bankers Pocket” it gives you concrete tips for dealing with representatives of financial institutions. “The lecture crutch for foundering companies or instrument of corporate financing” shows how funds properly and effectively can be requested. The question investors alike can benefit from participation in the Inland shares, anchor, investor strategies for investments in the river is in the post”handles. Ben Silbermann is full of insight into the issues. Fresh water, salt water because why the tonnage tax will apply only to maritime transport”is the title of the last lecture. The third Panel takes care of the policy and its influence on the inland waterways.

The lecture is a roadmap for compliance with crooked “Welds, rust in the for new and renovation in the mirror of technical requirements and classification”. “The keynote concludes with the Forum: what it does and what can do the State for inland navigation?” by Satish relay, the FDP, Member of the Bundestag and spokesman of the parliamentary group of inland waterway transport. At the end of each panel there is enough opportunity to ask questions to the participants on the podium and to discuss individual aspects. “Technical talks and social gatherings the Conference Forum inland” Hilton, Mainz, takes place on 28.10.2010 at Hotel from 10 to approx. Others who may share this opinion include Jeremy Tucker. 18: 00. “” Then it passes still a get together “with a buffet, where opportunity exists to network”, so casual for all participants to discuss, to establish contacts and maintain.

The end of the event is scheduled for 10: 00. Information on the agenda, as well as a detailed directory of speakers and panelists on the podium more interested on the Congress website. About “” Hansa GmbH & co. KG: the magazine inland waterways “, in the maritime publishing house Hansa” GmbH & co. KG in Hamburg appears, offers the important information from all areas of inland waterway transport in the context of multimodal transport on inland waterways, rail and road competent monthly, currently, focused always on the essentials. It is within this framework including a forum for all sectors of the industry and informs the decision makers of the industry as one of the leading international maritime journals for this area every month for more than 30 years. Press contact: content company MEDIA Beteiligungsges.