After observing what was said by the Lord Manuel Saavedra Gerente de la Compania de Investigacion de Mercados (CPI) can give us account that Toledo is in free fall. Toledo asked Mr Saavedra, make a survey; but to pay him demanded him to publish what was confidential. And not content with this, he wanted to even manipulate it. The survey places it in the first place, and in a second possible turn with Keiko. You wanted to hide, however is that if you are going with Castaneda, this defeats him. Arrogance and impudence of Alejandro Toledo, it being launched into a free fall. And now? What do we do? Those who voted by Susana Villaran, no longer want to know nothing of it.

The evil is already done. The note today’s Express newspaper Monday 7 th March of the current year erroneously said that the triumph of Susana Villaran, was due to the tacha of the candidacy of Alex Kouri by the national jury of elections. Lie, because if a little look: its triumph occurred when Jaime Bayly got supporting Tongo in the D and of the population sector unfortunately a majority sector, with a low IQ and easy handling to then put them on head that Susan was the best option. And now we have to pay the consequences. Jaime doesn’t live with us. Population is undecided who to vote for Congress.

The vast majority have mistrust in candidates, and others do not know what the subject is. That’s why I still think that the congressmen should not be selected that way. To almost no one cares about having to choose them. I transcribe what briefly said thereon in my article Congress:-to summon the applicants to the Congress of the Republic, you must request, emplacement, require; the contest of professionals with master’s degrees and doctorates, in the various most important professions in the constitutional life of a country. (Doctors, lawyers, sociologists, anthropologists, engineers, constitutionalists, analysts) politicians, economicistas, etc.) Call for proposals, registration and necessary selection of candidates; you would be in charge of a suitable for the subject entity. Which could be the same constitutional court that they work in something or, if not, the same Congress, a dependency apart much is is talking currently on the damage that it causes the informal mining, however some presidential candidates, are suggesting nailing him more taxes on formal mining companies. This ahuyentaria them, and it would be encouraging more informality. One need not be an expert in economics to realize such that: if they are more formal enterprises which pay low taxes would be collected more than two or three who pay high taxes. But Alejandrito and Ollantita, think that this doesn’t work. In this presidential Marathon, the candidate who is in the tip already not pulled, and those who are in second and third place, it will begin to pass. All means of communication that supported it him are turning their backs after the barrabasada with Mr Saavedra. Even political analyst: Ricardo Vasquez Kunze, staunch defender of this pointer, today said he would not vote for him.