A Norwegian of 32 years has been identified by police as the alleged perpetrator of the massacre on the island of Utoya and the explosion in the center of Oslo. He acted alone, according to initial police investigations. He had a weapons permit, as well as a pistol, a rifle and a shotgun. Norwegian police identified this Saturday as a Norwegian of 32 years with hostile views on islam to the alleged perpetrator of the double attack committed this Friday in Oslo and the island of Utoya, with at least 91 dead. The suspect, arrested after the massacre on the island and identified by authorities and the Norwegian media as Anders Behring Breivik, acted alone, according to police investigations in progress. The detainee weapons permit and had a pistol, a rifle and a shotgun. Behring would have ties to the extreme right and would not link known Islamist organizations, as reported by the television channel Norwegian TV2, which has not cited its sources.

According to the VG newspaper, the suspect had posted messages in Internet declaring Christian fundamentalist, nationalist and enemy of the multicultural society. Ultra-right and anti-Muslim messages in a record ctuado at his home after the attack police found several messages hung on the Internet with content clutter and anti-Muslim, according to police statements to the public broadcaster NRK. In his unique message written in your twitter profile, Anderse Behring Breivik said: A person with a belief is only as strong as 100,000 to have interests witnesses recounted this same means the attacker entered the Social Democrat youth camp of the island with the police uniform and was identified as such to access the site. About 560 people were those Democrats colonies at the time of the killing. According to a camp guard, the aggressor explained that he was going to review security and so appreciated, carrying two guns. The attack on the island occurred on 17.30 hour peninsular Spanish, two hours after the attack with a car bomb in the complex Government of Oslo, with at least 7 people dead and fifteen wounded. Source of the news: the alleged author of the double bombing, a close to the extreme right “islamofobo”