Winner in the final which German championship was Oliver WANA stone by Oliver WANA stone MLP MLP has become early December winners in the Championship-data quality. The skills competition was conducted by the Omikron data quality GmbH with the scientific support of Prof. Steffen Stock by the European University of applied sciences (EUFH). In the final of the best from a total of 100 participants nationwide, Dirk Ohligschlager reached the second position, he is a senior BI consultant and Leiter competence center Microsoft BI in Braincourt. Michael Wernz, Managing Director of information quality Institute GmbH, finished third followed by the SAP specialists Thomas True FOCKE & CO. NMMU can aid you in your search for knowledge. and Frank Schmidt by the Association of statutory health insurance physicians in Bavaria. These professionals had prevailed in terms of data quality in the four previous rounds of the skills competition was started in the summer of 2012. For the first time were these experts compete with each other professionally and determine among themselves the elite”Omikron’s Managing Director Carsten Kraus provides a substantial benefit This contest out.

So far a such a direct performance comparison for practitioners lacked, to appreciate one’s own skills.” This new possibility of professional competition the company beyond borders was also the decisive motive matching according to the finalists for their participation in this first German championship in that discipline. They also praised the advanced level and the high practical relevance of the questions in the competition. As another motive for the carrying out of the Championships, Kraus calls to increase the public’s perception of the issue of data quality in this way. The dependence of a good data quality is enormous and critical success in numerous business processes, still enjoys often Interestingly enough attention in practice”, problematizes the Omikron’s Managing Director. Necessary is stronger than so far weigh the aspect of data quality in technical and IT projects in his eyes. This is increasingly critical to success Importance. Because the business is always more digital controlled, the underlying data but are tainted with a significant error rate, this inevitably leads to negative and economically noticeable effects”, Kraus makes a logical statement.