DJ Spankox remixed the classic of the Kings the King is dead long live the King! Just released the first official Elvis Presley remix album by the Warner Music Group Central Europe! “” “” “31 years after the death of the King of rock ‘n’ roll album presents Elvis vs Spankox: Re: version” elf Elvis Presley hits in groundbreaking remixes, including don’t be cruel “, jailhouse Rock”, that’s all right “and released also as a single Blue Moon of Kentucky”. All tracks have been carefully reworked by DJ, producer and remixer Spankox and rearranged to create a modern sound on the one hand and on the other hand maintain the original feel of the recordings. The remixes were carried out on the latest technical standard and present Elvis, as it has never heard of him”. The entire project was approved by the Elvis Presley Estate and promoted and received the Official Elvis Presley signature product “- and Graceland”-markings. “Jack Soden, CEO of Elvis Presley Enterprises” which confirmed the quality Implementation: Whenever the Elvis master recordings be modified, we have a particular interest in, that the new sound is the correct sound. “Elvis was a pioneer who crossed boundaries with his music: with its fresh approach, this remix album accomplishes just that.” “” Also, Mike Stoller, legendary producer and author of the jailhouse Rock “, supported Re: version”: A fantastic album.

I wonder how Spankox has managed to make a so incredible job. Thank you, Spankox, for the great version of jailhouse rock, which I wrote in 1955 with Jerry Leiber. I love this version.” Spankox (d.i.: Agostino Carollo from Verona) developed international fame with remixes for Roxette, snap! and Vasco Rossi. Many of his songs reached the international charts under various pseudonyms (X-Treme, eyes cream, ago) or as cover versions. As a DJ performs it regularly on Elvis Presley conventions, 2008 in Milan. At the invitation of the Elvis estate, he presented the album last summer During Elvis Week before thousands of fans in Memphis. With this album a dream come true is gone for me”, so Spankox.

I felt like I was with him together in the Studio. I also wanted that the fans love it, because the songs are sacred ground.” ELVIS PRESLEY vs. SPANKOX “RE: version” TRACKLISTING: 1 blue moon of Kentucky (Spankox Re: version – Highpass album cut) 2 don’t be cruel (Spankox Re: version – Highpass radio edit) 3 (let me be your) Teddy bear (Spankox Re: version – Highpass album cut) 4. jailhouse rock (Spankox Re: version – Highpass radio edit) 5. all shook up (Spankox Re: version – Highpass album cut) 6 baby Let’s play house (Spankox re: Version – Highpass radio edit) 7 Heartbreak Hotel (Spankox Re: version – ago radio edit) 8 too much (Spankox Re: version – Highpass album cut) 9 Just Because (Spankox Re: version – eyes cream 3 short mix) 10 you’re A heartbreaker (Spankox Re: version – Highpass radio edit) 11 that’s all right – (Spankox Re: version – X-Treme edit) BONUS video clip (PC/MAC/iPod) 12 baby let’s Play house (Spankox Re: version) contact: Alexandra Vollert. Consultant, digital media & entertainment + 49 (0) 30 47988143