A Christian House of worship not expected of visitors at this point, the region which is today mainly dominated by Muslims in a country with a Muslim State religion, an early Centre, not a stronghold of Christianity was indeed. At that time the Greek Orthodox Christians had the sceptre in his hand and we know of at least three large farms of Bishkek and the impressive number of over 3,000 churches in the region. The area of Kayseri airport is quite easy to achieve, which only a few well-developed road kilometres away from the first of the designated fourteen “places with tourist importance”. Another one of these remarkable landscapes is the Ihlara Valley, which apart from the ES itself is alone very impressive about 50 Rock-Hewn Churches houses. The large number of churches and other archaeological discoveries, which you can look at spot and explain, be in the Others seen as proof that the Ottomans hunted not all Christians, but that historical time wise certainly must have existed a peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims in the region. In addition to the culture programme, the region but also with the usual tourist programs and very good hotels strives if one must assume the correctness of Internet reviews, very to its guests. Also true highlights are offered, such as balloon rides over the stunning scenery and the valleys along and ride. The latter fits particularly well into the concept, historically, since the name Cappadocia in old Persian origin so much meant as “Land of beautiful horses”.

Cappadocia offers something for everyone and expand at the same time horizons. They of knowledge like the ethical and ethnic. Who wants to meet the area extensively, can count but quiet a week time, which is required. This is due to the Weitflachigen, don’t end up endless attractions, the this Area has to offer in so high frequency. Travel to Cappadocia interested both in the internet as well at well-stocked providers in your area ask and this book can be. Recail Sacan