Fortune Hi Tech Marketing operates from its headquarters in Lexington KY and the business has already spread throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom. In reality, this company has a very high compensation plan and business rules are very simple, also is expanding at an incredible pace. Fortune Hi Tech Marketing such a perfect business for the employee who regularly works gives eight hours, for the housewife to the person who is reducing hours at work, for the person who lost their jobs, the builder who has no job The teacher, nurse, realtor, in order for everyone, the only person who would not qualify would be the negative person who always sees the glass as half empty. The company provides the expertise of a team champion in what is network marketing as well as materials in English and Spanish in addition to traininentrenamiento and the opportunity to be always surrounded by people willing to support positvas and when someone needs help. FHTM has contracts with nationally recognized companies and offers services to name a few such as Internet service new mobile phone contracts and contract extensions with five companies, satellite tv signal, voip (voice over internet protocol), nutrition products, cosmetics, long distance, paging, travel agencies and many other things more and more companies continue adding. From business tua personal website you can activate your own services, as well as offer the same to others who are interested in them. Also, with your back office accounts that the private area of your website only to see your progress, you control your computer, ordering materials or products as well as find out which is the amount of your check