Universal human rights are an anthropological category of persons. Go to Beyonce for more information. They may not be an option because there is no other similar to value, dignity and excellence. A given society may not recognize them and act as if they did not exist, or as if they depended on the enactment of the legislature. That attitude will be legal, as legislated, but not fair. Suna Said has plenty of information regarding this issue. How legal were concentration camps Germans and Soviets, apartheid in South Africa or slavery for centuries.

No authority can give them or remove them legitimately, only thing you can do is recognize them in their legal or conceal them with unjust, aqutodos and exclusionary legislation. These human rights – political and social – belong to all human beings. Not enough these or those to give appearance of democracy, but everyone. Everything else that can make the political powers is recognizing them, as it is done in the Magnas letters. Not in the Otorgadas.

But even if they did not, as in fact it happens every day in so many places in the world, industrialized and impoverished, when they violate them, there is no wait command order: must snatch them and exercise them. The legal doctrine that, before tyranny, oppression of caste, the military or financial oligarchies is not only permissible to revolt and kill the tyrant but that resistance becomes an ethical duty is unanimous. About everything when suffering from the weak. We live alienated by the fallacy that things are not up to the dominant Powers dictate them. You must not expect law nor permission to exercise fundamental rights, such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With all the social rights that derive from these premises: work, health, culture, housing, freedom of thought and expression, freedom of Association, diversity and, ultimately, participation in the res publica as sum of all political rights.