Hyundai Group continues to implement a plan to boost presence on Russian market. In late September, in St. Petersburg in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, hosted the opening ceremony of the new plant Concern Hyundai. In recent years, encouraged the construction of foreign plants cars and spare parts production in Russia. The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to the concern Hyundai in connection with the fact that he continued to the project despite the recession. Hyundai Group said that the factory building at a cost of 654 million dollars, will create 5000 new jobs, of which 3,000 employees will be engaged in the production of parts. Sales of cars in Russia recently has declined steadily because of the global financial crisis and now seen the data recovery market.

After the presentation, the names of the car created by Koreans especially for Russia, as commodity name was chosen by Internet voting, which was attended by 27,000 people, Hyundai Solaris – the very popular sedan – was screened at the Moscow motor show as untitled Hyundai rb. Production subkompaktnogo family sedan Solaris is planned for the recently opened factory Hyundai near St. Petersburg. The plant operates in test mode, releasing the vehicles for demonstrations. Full-scale production of sedans will begin only in January. And in May, plans to collect a hatchback. Hyundai does not exclude the possibility that the Russian pipeline can get up and other models. Because of the 200 hectares allocated for business, yet mastered by only a third part.