Each area of Uzbekistan is characterized by its recipes pilaf: for example, in Ferghana prepare pilaf differently than in Samarkand, and Tashkent pilaf is very different from regular pilaf. Information about the Uzbek pilaf found in numerous sources. For example, in his book ‘The Tale of Abu Ali ibn Sina,’ along with a description of historical events refers to the existence of ‘royal pilaf’ rice ‘devzira’ with an amazing aroma, richly spiced oil sprinkle various spices and very tasty. In Uzbekistan, an ancient legend about the origin of the name ‘PALOV oshi’, it is associated with the name of Abu Ali Ibn Sina: Once long ago, the prince fell in love with a beautiful young girl from a wealthy family does not. He was very upset that he could not marry her. Prince began to fade, refused food and water. Then, his father sent for a famous healer, Abu Ali ibn Sina and asked to identify the cause of disease and cure his heir. Carefully inspect the prince, Ibn Sina discovered that the reason his illness – the love, and there are two ways to heal the heir to the sultan – is the hearts of two lovers, or feed the exhausted young body groom calories – ‘PALOV oui’, that is, a dish made from seven ingredients. Perhaps the obligatory presence of the national dish at wedding ceremonies connected with this legend. We now indicate the seven components necessary for the preparation of this Uzbek pilaf: the letter P – piez ‘bow’, A – aez ‘carrots, L – Bethlehem’ meat ‘, O – olie’ fat ‘, B – blows’ salt’, O – on the ‘water’, W – shawls’ rice ‘. And if you combine all these letters in one word, it turns out the name of this dish – ‘PALOV Osh. ” Most likely, this is just an old legend, but in reality Uzbek pilaf actually consists of these components. Over time, rice being improved, acquired, and some other ingredients: steel flavor add peas, pepper, cumin, barberry, raisins and a lot of a variety of other foods and spices. In one issue of the popular culinary tv show ‘Relish’ Uzbek pilaf cooked one of the famous Russian tennis players. It was very surprising that for the preparation of this dish it was enough just two carrots. In fact, this Uzbek pilaf differs significant amount of it is carrots, and more than it is present in pilaf, so delicious, fragrant and beautiful to be himself Uzbek pilaf. In Depending on what ingredients are chosen, if the meat – the lamb or beef is, if the carrots – it is a red or yellow, if that figure – how many species there is only him! Even the source of the fire, which prepares pilaf – all affect the taste and appearance of this wonderful national dishes. So, the Uzbek pilaf – the highest point of the national culinary arts. When preparing this dish is used and frying, and cooking, and evaporation. Therefore, there is a perception, if you are able to prepare the Uzbek pilaf, you can easily cope with the preparation of any other dishes of Uzbek cuisine. Over the long history of Uzbek cooking over creation of dishes, worked not only to professional chefs, but also its food producers – farmers, ranchers, gardeners, hunters, as well as folk healers, housewives, lovers, and culinary art.