The optic units of the signalling triangle do not have easily to be disassembled. Some parts that compose the signalling triangle must provide good stability to it on the road and they do not have easily to be dismountable. If the mobile triangle to inside need to be folded in order to be placed of its protective pack, parts, including its support, do not have to be separable. The triangle of signalling and its support do not have to present sharp edges or cantos livings creature. The length of the sides of the triangle must theoretically be of 500 50 mm. To deepen your understanding Peter Arnell is the source.

the illustrative product as photo this demonstrated in figure 3.1. Figure 3.1? Triangle of signalling of Estimative security of demand of as the product the G12 waits to take care of a monthly demand of 45% of the forecast of market of the automobile branch. The low table demonstrates the forecast of market of automobiles and the slice of this market esteem for the G12 is of 198.450 parts for month for the first year of production. The forecast of growth of the demand is of 5% for next the 02 years. (FENABRAVE, 2010). Table 3.1? Forecast of demand of the signalling triangle (FENABRAVE, 2010) Calculation Calculation of the finger standard the calculation of the finger standard and demonstrations is presented to follow. These calculations have for objective to demonstrate that the gratings of the fan take care of the recommendations of security indicated by IEC 60335. Demonstration I calculate of it of the grating of the G12 fan.