Many of the activities that take place every day are exposed to different types of hazards or contingencies that may have a serious impact in the normal course of daily living or to those activities that are considered normal and without any risk of uncertainty that can be the target may also be exposed to some serious events, whether they are given by chance, by reckless or activity by others, therefore it must seek ways that are useful to help meet any eventualities and thus not be very well stopped after a nice little fact, which moved to its content insurance provide a considerable help to fix some things and so to cover some costs and so the situation is not all bad. Certainly the scope of this type of contract notes greatly the importance of insurance as they will have great action in the unfortunate events to meet the financial needs to meet the various costs of repair, so the importance of insurance within society is becoming more force, in addition to the expansion of insurance for different fields makes them more useful for different types of people and their activities. This emphasizes the importance of insurance in society and the development of a myriad of situations and activities of life, which can be very simple for some but may have its risks, so the importance of insurance is strong evidence of having so many features beneficial to those persons covered by any insurance and that one thing or another have had to live a high risk situation as a collision or an accident related to employment to operate any dangerous machinery. One area in which more points to the importance of insurance, transport is by motor vehicles and motorcycles, because the speed mixed with other events to accommodate a large number of accidents, which before the physical and material damage of vehicles, different classes of insurance to help replace or repair costs hospitals, another aspect that adds to the importance of insurance in relation to transport, is the protection you can provide in case of cargo transportation, as this can be ensured and thus avoid major economic losses in case the goods are damaged or misplaced. Another field in which evidence the importance of insurance is protection against theft or destruction of a large number of objects and structures, and through insurance can provide protection to homes, businesses or businesses , protecting certain cases material losses to fire, accident or theft and any other unexpected emergency. At present a component that has provided a support to the importance of insurance, is the ability to protect certain parts of the body, which by its staff deserve to be insured value, like the legs of a footballer..