oii study: Over 40 percent of DMS/ECM users have for the near future a system change in sight in the German economy a wave of migration is imminent in the document management solutions apparently. Because according to a study of the digital intelligence institute (dii) are about 40 percent of the surveyed over 200 users to switch their DMS/ECM system in the near future. The main reasons include that the previously used solutions are outdated and too few users meet. The survey according to every fifth company already within the next twelve months a migration of DMS/ECM system to make, of which eight percent in the next half year plans. Another 15 percent have made while changing system firmly in their sights, but currently no specific termination. Another group of seven percent engaged in at the moment the idea of migration, without that it has yet to make a decision. As the most frequent motif, the companies, the investment in a new type Document management solution have their outdated technology. Three quarters of ECM users specify this for the planned modernisation.

Place two of the ranking of the reasons of migration, 72 percent call that their current system is too few users meet. For almost two-thirds also economic considerations play and for 58 per cent, a significant role changed requirements. Three out of five also specify also the dissatisfaction oii survey as crucial with motivation for migration with their current ECM manufacturer. As the most important criteria in evaluating the market for a new solution, 79 percent of the companies call the fast implement of the system followed by the future product strategy of the manufacturer. Economic characteristics and a good handling of the system for the employees also include the most important selection criteria. Interestingly the company but also attach great importance to that they cooperate with a software partner, who enjoys a good reputation in the market. 60 Percent the image of the manufacturers want to involve in the decisions. However, is the functionality of the solutions not at the forefront, but provided only by 57 percent in the foreground.

For Ayelt Komus, Scientific Director of the dii and at the same time professor for Business Informatics at the University of Koblenz, hides behind this result does not necessarily a surprise. The weighting of the selection criteria shifted increasingly in the direction of the simplicity of implementation, use and operation”, he reported from the customer contacts. The productivity-enhancing manageability has become more important as the one or the other additional features.” “He sees a significant change to previously only in one respect and is confirmed by the results of the survey: now more and more companies emphasize that the ECM solution is also available”, Komus stressed. This claim has over half of the respondents. At the same time interested in already 28 percent in addition to a Document management in the cloud-Variant.