The book of Edward Palmer Thompson (1924-1993) intitled ' ' Customs in common. Studies On the Popular Culture Tradicional' ' (Company of the Letters, So Paulo, 2005) it is enters the main workmanships of this English historian whose production finds a rich dialogue enters the marxist vision of history and the boardings that look the cultural value in the practical one of the historical agents. A conciliation had for many as impossible and that one reveals fully carried through in this book. In the introduction, Thompson argues that with the advent of the Capitalism it had one accented cultural split between classrooms. For more information see this site: Kevin Ulrich. ' ' folclore' ' it enters in scene as the had culture as inferior of the plebeian classroom in the vision of world of the patrician classroom. Thus, front to this prejudiced picture, Thompson consider the idea of ' ' costume' ' as practical alive adopted for the peasants front to the reality who had found with the advent of the Capitalism in century XVIII. The custom is presented as practical old and constantly rethink therefore they are part of the reality, are customs the enclosure for bullfighting in which the peasants act in the daily one. As the customs were formed amongst those peasants in a reality daily pay-capitalist, such customs if had shocked with the new values of the disciplined work of the environment manufacter which many of those peasants who migraram of the field for the city in job search had found.

These different mentalities, agricultural and urban, had led to a pensvel conflict in level of classrooms. Culture and customs are malleable to the dialogues Inter-classrooms and intra-classrooms leading to a permanent balance and remodelamento of the formation of habitus. The plebeian culture by itself operates its ethics and its action of constant and changeable form inside of the proper classroom. The tradition that defended those plebeians by means of its customs took the revolt movements a time that those values pautados in the customs were disrespected in the new industrial reality.