If there were a book of recipes for preparing large economic crisis, believe that Hugo Chavez would be the author. Is that the Venezuelan president added daily to an explosive cocktail ingredient is the economy of Venezuela. “If they allow the oligarchy to return to the governorship of Carabobo, maybe I’ll end up removing the tanks armored brigade to defend the revolutionary government to defend the people,” said the president of Venezuela to their fears of falling defeated next municipal elections Nov. 23. For more information see this site: Bill Phelan. This election is not minor and to be elected 22 governors, 328 mayors and 233 legislators. That is why Chavez is more than concerned about the possibility of suffering a heavy defeat in elections to come. His popularity is falling at the pace of economic deterioration. The Venezuelan site “Union Radio” released a survey conducted by pollster Hinterlaces in 14 states where elections were carried out showing that Chavez candidates lost in the least 8 of them.

Chavez is determined to use military force against its opponents at all costs. In fact, it has done. In yesterday the Armed Forces of Venezuela took an airport in Sucre department by order of President Hugo Chavez, who accused the authorities of the northeastern region, ruled by the opposition candidate Manuel Rosales, to deny its use to the company state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). Chavez is only military action can occur in their own country. The political instability in Venezuela adds more strength to the country’s growing economic problems, creating an unstoppable vicious circle and a final imaginable.