Betulia & Kalanchoe – summer party with the trend-duo in brilliant sunshine and summertime, it attracts not only man, but also indoor plants out in the nature. Popular bar green as the colourful Betulia and the enchanting Kalanchoe are to balcony and terrace residents during the summer months. The fresh air cure fired the flower power of plants and the impressive flower decorations makes it the hit of the outdoor season. Tea time in the countryside: for this look, garden furniture are decorated with pastel accessories such as pillows and blankets. The colorful blossoms of Betulia and the Kalanchoe are then given this bright in bold colors like pink red and purple to the absolute eye-catcher, and give the garden party that certain something. But not only tables are decorated in floral, large plants such as the Calla is optimally rounded off the outdoor furnishings in Wicker baskets on the floor or on decorative vintage stools.

Party mood with floating flowers: the classic hanging basket from Grandma’s garden is new for modern summer parties interpreted. Instead of a massive planting box, hangs a variety of delicate flowers in different mini pots in the air and creates magical ambience in the evening hours. For this, the skeleton of a lamp shade is placed half a metre over head-height from the flea market. With wire glasses are attached and equipped with small Betulien and Kalanchoe. Click Kevin Ulrich for additional related pages. The combination also to cyclamen can be complemented on cool summer days, but caution, the cyclamen is not Sonnenanbeterin, temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius do not get you. Detailed tips and tricks other houseplants there on or on diepflanzenfreude