Take from him the quest 'The Way of War'. 9. Do the quest, you have to run from the hierarchy to the npc in your starting point – Pervan, and back enough times. To teleport from the starting point, use soy in Kamael Village. In the course of the quest item is told to gather a few – the 1 st type of an item from the back of 'the altar of gold', the second a little further for a couple of spots. In the end we get: 8,790 Aden, 7000 nubi nipple Sword warrior, 20739 experience, 1777 sp, x 100 cans and 11 Level. 10.

After a quest speak again with helpers Beginners. Become a 15-m Level. Will also receive: 38,188 adena, 183,128 of experience, 42,429 sp. 11. We run into a starting point to spc Pervan.

Take his quest ' Favorites, proud and brave. " Soe in Kamael Village. Recently Korn Ferry sought to clarify these questions. 12. From above the altar prykaem Norn, run to the spider – killing one – cos 13. Lease quest Pervan at the starting point, soybeans in the village, talking with the assistants Beginners, I congratulate the 18 th lvl is. Also we get: 13,648 adena, 285,670 experience, 58,155 sp. 14. We fly in Gludio, the guild Kamael take the quest for prof. 15. Doing profiles on items – everything is clear and understandable. Spiders need only 'Toxic', the easiest way to beat them in the location of the Dark Elves in place 'nest of spiders. " When you arrive in the village of Dark Elves, the stock take a quest from Carlon 'Strange relationship'. On this quest nada around two NPCs. One in Gludio in stock – Haprok, the other in Gludine in stock – Norman. When doing the quest for the pros, you often flying in from Gludio gludin, here at this time in parallel and do the quest 'strange relationship. " Quest 'strange kinship' brings you 22,000 adena. 16. Lease quest for prof. Obtain 81,900 adena, 295,862 experience, 1722 sp and 20 Level. 17. We fly to the Village of orcs. In a large building – immediately to the left, there is Seer of Livin. Take her quest for 'the way of destiny. " 18. We fly into Shtudgard. We run a guild of Orcs. There Seer Moira. Get the quest 'alarming news'. 19. From Shtudgarda ta 'crypts of disgrace', we pass these 2 quests a nearby orku. We get for each quest adena and become Level 21. 20. Elf Village. Trade shop, trader Krimis. Get the quest. We run a gun shop, dealer Unoren. Get the quest "Curse of the underground fortress." We fly into the elven fortress run until the end of the map, we carry the Demon. On the way we moisten skeletons and reapers. After the item is stuffed – soy. 23. We rent both quests. Unoren provides: 24000 Adena, 1004 sp, 28,606 experience. Krimis – 42,130 adena, 35,637 experience, 18,548 sp. Sell all that you can sell. Is approximately 310,000 adena. Note: The passage of this guide takes about 2 hours. It is easy to calculate how much twink Kamael bring .