Hello, Andrew B.. My name is Mary D.. October 20th I contacted you by telephone to ascertain data on vacancies – Manager of Key Accounts, that your company has placed on Online hh.ru. I propose to consider my resume your need for an effective manager – this is a great opportunity for me to prove their expertise and increase sales for your company. Experience and personal sales skills will allow me to effectively maintain and develop your customer base. Knowledge and skills obtained during the conduct of the project "The dealer MTS", will more competently implement all the initiatives in your company. I have the knowledge and skills of workflow.

We have our own base of 30 clients. Your organization is responsible to my ideas about a serious and successful company which has prospects in the market. I will contact you within three days to respond to preliminary questions that you may have. I am always available by phone +7- xxx-xxx-xx, e-mail:. – Sincerely, Mary D.. End the cover letter proposal for concrete action. Take the initiative in their hands.

Finally, write a letter like this: 'I will contact you within a few days to discuss the date and place of our meeting. At maturity, call me by phone. …'. This activity is always impressive, especially if you are applying for a managerial position. And if you promise something, do it! Samples of other cover letters you'll find on my blog – see Step 6 for free download Send the letter to the company – there is also a Give details of your letter to your highest priority. In the settings of mail programs and services has a special feature to give your writing a priority.