We all want to learn English is a cherished dream – to learn the language without stress, without much effort and so fast and well! Of course, the way that really did not put any effort – this is from the region fiction, but still interesting and fun way to easily learn a foreign language – after all there! This method is one of the most effective – it is immersed in the language of human impact. At present, there are various student and youth programs, the so-called "language exchange" when young people come to American families and for a time lived there, but again, we note that this method of language learning is not all available because of some problems, often of a financial nature. Do not despair, there is a way in which you can not only earn but also to learn a foreign language, and if you choose to make it to perfection. There is such a work, where with happy to take students and young boys, cheerful, very active and positive, it is called – the animator. Of course, in this case, you must have at least some malomalski the makings of an actor or simply be a good organizer, with a sociable and fervent character. After all, you will need to stir up the holiday in a hotel or tourist resort where you will be hired. Naturally, to communicate in any event be adopted language of international Communication – English, and you have simple and not fancy phrases to encourage travelers, not always even the English-speaking, to the action and fun.