Can search and other conditions for installing a profit, but in any case the effectiveness of our selected conditions for the Foot and profits must be proved experimentally. Thus, we have sounded the basic conditions for our strategy. We know how we will enter the market, where we will put the stop and discuss possible modalities for setting profit. But to speak of the completeness of our strategy, we not only need to hold a series of studies and experiments, we talked about in the article, we also need to identify and try to apply all possible control conditions (elements) that are in any way may have a positive impact on the final profit obtained by our strategy. These control conditions may be very much, bring a couple of them: 1) When the opening transactions in our strategy, we took the condition of reverse penetration of the starting point of the day candles, we certainly are standard daily candles, which come off at 2 am, Moscow time. And that, if the top of the opening day candles we choose some other point in time? Let's assume that we you live in England and works for the London Stock Exchange London Stock Exchange starts its work at 10.00 Moscow time. (A valuable related resource: Christos Staikouras ).

For us to 10.00 am daily candle is already home to 1 / 3 of his life. But, if for us the trading day began at 10.00, the day candles would have a different form, and these candles also have had their shadows formed by those 3-types, which we reviewed earlier. In this case, as an additional control element to our strategy, I suggest try to take the initial time point for day candles at 10.00 am (Moscow time). Accordingly, the entry point into the market to our strategy will now have another temporary condition – from 10.00, we first expect formation of the 'first' shadow, then reverse the initial penetration point opening a bargain. Why, as another temporary position to start the day candles, I suggest using the top opening of the London Stock Exchange? Because most big moves during the day, as a rule, on the European and U.S. sessions. Thus we can obtain another relation candles 1 and type-2 and, accordingly, another factor K. 2) as a control element to increase profits, we may use different numbers used in trade lots.

For example, after 2 consecutive losing trades, the third position, we will open using 2 Bids (More on this see the seventh chapter of 'Trader-Mage'). But to use this control element, we also need to know the sequence in which there are candles 1 and type 2. In concluding this article, I have just want to appeal to readers and ask to be taken seriously around here written material. As you can see, the process of creating trading strategies rather laborious. But correctly creating their own strategy, trader will not only the conditions for entry and exit from it, he knows all her strengths and weaknesses, as well as possible ways to manage earnings. Readers who are not lazy and conduct all necessary studies and testing on the basis of the above with this article, material, not only will be able to participate in the process of creating the trading strategy, but also a good chance that there will be a strategy that will bring real profits. How I wish you success! The author of the article: Dmitri S., website: