Mobile stands are becoming a significant part of advertising campaigns. Has no one should explain what a mobile stand, and most importantly, why they are needed. Currently, interest in mobile stands a huge, not only large companies and shops, but also individual entrepreneurs are finding more options for using mobile booths. Most often interested in mobile roller stands or as they are called mobile stands Roll UP. Other important reason that prompts carefully examine all the available mobile exhibition of models is to find a model that is convenient for frequent change of image.

Indeed, the mobile stand can be a useful tool of advertising precisely because it allows you to cheaply and effectively carry out various promotions, including the change of image. For example, you open a store, and, of course, in the early days of discovery would be relevant mobile stand, congratulations on the opening and inform buyers about this remarkable event for all. Then, when opening a new commercial enterprise will be to begin working life, and posters will need to inform about want to place graphic panels size 80h200sm, 85h200sm, 100h200sm, 120h200sm, 150h200sm, 200×200 cm, however, does not always need a stand of this size, in which case you need to pay attention to other mobile stands. Roll Up in these cases do not fit. These stands, as we already mentioned, have well-defined size, as well as mobile stands Roll UP require serious preparation for the replacement banner, that is, not suitable for cases of frequent change of image. What mobile stands, allowing overcome these deficiencies, recommend professional advertising business? First of all, pay attention to the mobile stands Y-type. These banner stands are distinguished by many advantages. Such as mobile banner stands Y-banner can be called universal, thanks to the telescopic leg, these mobile booths easily change the height of 1 m to 2.4 m is also possible to adjust the width of the stands. Another advantage of mobile stands Y-banner occasions. There are other popular mobile stands, banner stands the so-called, such as banner stands buy mobile stands Ltd. 'Riword' – mobile exhibition and sale of large-format printing.